Eitz Chaim thrives because of the generous donations and volunteer support it receives from our parents, grandparents, alumni, friends and community. Nothing strengthens your children’s commitment to Torah, community, and Am Yisrael better than an investment in an excellent Jewish education.

Together, We Can Make Eitz Chaim Great!

Learning Sponsorship Opportunities

‘‘I see a wonderful future for Eitz Chaim in which it will continue to enhance its leadership in Orthodox Jewish Education. Our relentless pursuit of excellence will produce model Bnei Torah who are expertly prepared to engage the world with the flag of Torah & Mitzvos as their standard. As they excel in their chosen fields, our graduates will proudly perpetuate the Mesora – Jewish continuity – through lives as parents, learners, leaders, Menschen, community members and above all yirai shamayim."

Rabbi Shlomo SchwartzHead of School