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We know that selecting the best Jewish day school for your children is one of the most important decisions a parent will make, determining the path on which a child will walk for life. We are so grateful that you are considering becoming a part of our Eitz Chaim family. When you walk through the halls of our two campuses you can see the wonderful learning that is going on in our classrooms. Our involved and innovative teachers help foster a love of learning and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that lends itself to happy, smiling students.

Chinuch, Character, Community

We at Eitz Chaim Schools are dedicated to providing a challenging, nurturing, inspiring, and intensive Jewish Studies program and an exceptional General Studies program. We prepare students for a joyful, life-long relationship with Hashem rooted in Torah learning, mitzvah observance, derech eretz, and yiras shamayim. We promote ahavas Yisrael for all Jews and foster life skills that enable students to make a Kiddush Hashem in the wider Jewish community and world. For 100 years Eitz Chaim has been the standard bearer of Orthodox Jewish education in Toronto and it is our hope your family will join us as we march proudly and confidently into our next century.


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