Our Mandate

Sunday extra-curricular program

After school dance program

Eitz Chaim Mothers’ Association is formed and directed by mothers of children attending Eitz Chaim schools. Its mandate is to galvanize parent support in an effort to actively improve the learning environment for students. This entails soliciting support, financial or otherwise, from the parent body and their friends and associates for activities and programs that would benefit the school and children. These include holding fundraising events, lectures, and special events such as the Purim carnival; organizing parent education; and liaising between parents and teachers. These funds, which are not included in the school budget, are directed toward these programs and the purchase of educational and recreational equipment, extra security, playground reconstruction, classroom computers, library enhancements, and projects deemed to benefit the student body.

Programs at the three campuses include:

  • After-school sports programs
  • Sunday extra-curricular programs
  • Nutritious lunches programs
  • Grade 8 graduation
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Mother-Daughter Craft Fair
  • Father-Son Purim Carnival
  • Pizza Day
  • After school dance programs
  • Chanukah sale
  • Purim E-cards


Media Awareness Evenings

Our goal is to effect real change in our school culture by educating parents on the impact of media exposure on children. Eitz Chaim organizes occasional parent evenings with established experts on media, technology, and pop culture to speak about the effects of various media on children.


Parenting Seminars

From time to time, Eitz Chaim hosts seminars on effective parenting strategies. Through these seminars, we are able to pass on the wisdom that is necessary to navigate the challenging waters of parenting.

Lunch Programs
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