At Eitz Chaim, we are committed to reaching each child and fostering his or her potential by creating an environment that is nurturing, caring, warm, and welcoming.

In addition, we search out new educational methodologies and pedagogy. As educational research presents new theories and concepts, we choose among best practices to introduce into our school.

Differentiated Instruction

A major recent initiative in the limudei kodesh division has been the introduction of formalized Differentiated Instruction, a structured program based on the knowledge that students differ significantly in their interests, learning styles, and abilities. This suggests that teaching strategies, materials, and the pace with which content is presented should vary accordingly. By providing rebbeim and moros with ongoing support and guidance in how to implement Differentiated Instruction, we are able to truly embrace the wisdom of King Solomon—
”Chanoch L’Naar Al Pi Darko.

Special Education

Eitz Chaim’s Special Education resource support is offered in limudei kodesh and general studies programs across its three campuses. Ten highly-trained and experienced teachers staff this program and service students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. Levels of service delivery include in-class support, withdrawal of individuals and small groups from class, and making specialized resources available for classroom teachers.

Academic Support

Eitz Chaim employs assistant teachers and support staff outside the special education department to provide student accommodations and enrichment in Jewish and general studies. Middle school students at each campus are provided with Math and Language Arts clinics during lunch and after-school hours.