High school principals describe Eitz Chaim graduates as coming in well-prepared and displaying a keen interest in learning, exhibiting middos tovos, a strong sense of community, and leadership skills. Eitz Chaim provides talmidos with an excellent foundation in Chumash, Navi, Dinim, and Safa. We teach the skills necessary for lifelong learning. Girls learn and experience the Torah way of living. These values are taught directly from the texts and are modelled by inspirational moros and mechanechos.


Chumash instruction begins with acquiring familiarity with the texts. It proceeds to providing mastery through the analysis of words and themes. Questioning the text develops students’ skills in critical thinking. The learning of commentaries in higher grades expands Chumash studies and deepens comprehension. By the time they finish grade 8, girls have studied most of the Chumash.

Jewish Law (Dinim)

Girls in every grade learn about the laws of living a Jewish life and become proficient in the theoretical understanding as well as the practical aspects of daily living. We stress the importance of halacha as the basis for one’s day-to-day connection with Hashem. There is a strong emphasis on mastering the laws of Shabbos and relating to others through bikur cholim and honouring parents.

Hebrew Language

The goals of the Hebrew language program are to develop fluency in reading, comprehension (oral and written), writing, and speaking. Competency in Hebrew enhances progress in all areas of limudei kodesh and adds meaning and joy to the learning.


Through stories, inspirational thoughts, song, and explanations, girls learn that tefilla is a source of inspiration in their daily lives and a way of developing a relationship with Hashem. As proficiency grows, each girl’s davening becomes more personal and more fulfiling. By graduation, girls know the halachos related to tefillah, understand the content, and develop an appreciation for proper decorum when davening to Hashem.