Pirkei Avos

The Pirkei Avos Campaign is just one of the ways we inspire girls to master a wide range of Jewish knowledge. Girls from grades 3 to 8 memorize and recite mishanayos from pirkei avos.

Rosh Chodesh and Holiday Assemblies

Yom Tov assemblies include songs, skits, speakers, Big Sister/Little Sister activities, and arts and crafts projects. New chesed, tzedaka, or middos tovos initiatives are also introduced at assemblies.

Grade 6 Bas Mitzvah Program

The Bas Mitzvah Program, which runs throughout grade 6, prepares girls for their bas mitzvah. Each month promotes a different mitzvah, middah or concept, with activities that include guest speakers, crafts, discussions, debates, songs, and drama. Students also learn about great women role models from the Tanach and Jewish history.

Shabbos Eitz Chaim

This annual event brings together grade 7 and 8 girls from both campuses for an inspiring and fun-filled shabbos with their principals and moros. Shabbos Eitz Chaim features guest speakers, panel discussions, debates, and events like “Stump the Rabbi.” The girls plan and prepare for the shabbos, allowing them to shine in their area of strength.

Mother and Daughter Yom Iyun—A Day of Learning

The annual Mother and Daughter Day of Learning takes place between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Mothers join students in grade 7 and 8 for a session of prayer, followed by a guest speaker and an interactive mother and daughter activity. The event is an opportunity to inform and inspire both mothers and daughters in preparation for Yom Kippur.