We consider it an important aspect of our mission to instil in our students a sense of their being a part of the Greater Toronto Jewish community. Our school is proud to join and initiate community-wide programs of chesed, tzedaka, and learning.

UJA Learnathons

For many decades now, Eitz Chaim has joined together with the Jewish community to raise money for the Jewish Federation of Toronto. The students canvas the community to be sponsored for an all-day learning marathon held at school. Guest speakers are invited to speak on pertinent Torah topics. We are proud to say that Eitz Chaim students have raised tens of thousands of dollars for this important cause.

Zechor Yemos Olam—Holocaust Awareness Program

Zechor Yemos Olam is our Holocaust awareness program for girls in grades 7 and 8. The name Zechor Yemos Olam (remember the days of old) is derived from the pasuk in Parshas Ha’azinu, reminding us to be students of our people’s history. The girls learn about the Shoah and become familiar with the history of this terrible time. The highlight of the program occurs when survivors share their personal stories with the girls. The program culminates in an impressive evening in which the girls present the multimedia projects they created to the community at large. Zechor Yemos Olam is both an important educational activity and a sacred duty, answering the call of rabbonim to heighten our sensitivity to this crucial subject.


Zareinu is the Toronto community’s one-of-a-kind school for children with significant physical or mental challenges. The more advanced Zareinu boys have their classes at our Patricia campus.  The Eitz Chaim and Zareinu boys daven, have breakfast and lunch, and spend recess together, naturally allowing the students to become good friends. This daily practise of “v’ahavta” helps our students accept and respect all people, no matter what their abilities or differences–a crucial life lesson.

Chai Lifeline Mishnathon

The Mishnathon is a unique concept. The boys raise money for Chai Lifeline, an organization that supports children and families with serious medical issues, by asking others to sponsor their learning of mishnayos. This strengthens two fundamental concepts of Judaism: the centrality of the mitzvah of Torah learning and the importance of chesed and tzedaka.