At Eitz Chaim, we offer a variety of programs that deepen the boys’ knowledge and joy of learning, while establishing enduring connections with rebbeim and parents and forging a deeper understanding of their own identity as Jews.


Masmidim encourages our talmidim to learn Torah during school breaks. Students log their time learning on vacation and earn prizes. To date, close to 1.5 million minutes of Torah learning during vacation time have been logged.

Shakla V’Tarya

Students in grades 5 through 8 are encouraged to memorize mishnayos ba’al peh and the shakla v’tarya, the give and take associated with the flow and details of the Gemara they are studying. Thousands of dapei Gemara and pirkei mishanayos are mastered through this program.

Mussar Shmooze

Every Friday, students in grade 8 hear a mussar talk by a guest rabbi or teacher on ethical lessons from the parsha. Mussar shmoozes reinforce proper ethical behavior and introduce the boys to many Torah scholars.

Philip Alter A”H Motzei Shabbos Father and Son Learning Program

For more than ten years, Eitz Chaim has been running the Motzei Shabbos Father and Son Learning Program from November to February. Housed in our spacious beis medrash, a typical evening finds the room filled almost to capacity. For 40 minutes, fathers and sons enthusiastically learn together. For the last 20 minutes, they hear an exciting story, and the evening culminates with a raffle and nosh.