Eitz Chaim Schools has educated, and continues to educate, thousands of children in our community – more Orthodox Jewish boys and girls than any other school. For 100 years Eitz Chaim has been the standard bearer of Orthodox Jewish education in Toronto and now we march proudly and confidently into our next century.

As we enter our Centennial year, standing on the shoulders of the giants who built and sustained Eitz Chaim, we are setting in motion the plan that will see our school be the paragon of Orthodox Jewish education for the next 100 years.

We invite all those who envision a brilliant future for Eitz Chaim and those who understand the power of Jewish education to contribute to our new century through
one of these funds.

Giving Opportunities:

Academic Excellence Fund

As we enter the next century, our commitment to academic excellence in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies will be unwavering. We must confront the unique reality of this century, providing our students with the knowledge and skills that will be critical to their future success. In particular, the fund will facilitate:

• STEM (integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs
• Leveled Literacy Intervention
• New and enhanced playgrounds and student facilities
• Professional development programs
• Programs to enhance teaching and learning at Eitz Chaim

Target Goal: $2,000,000

Educational Technology Fund

We will harness the power of technology to enhance the educational experience of our students. Specifically, funds will be directed to:

• Computer and Technology Equipment and Resources
• Science labs
• Training for faculty in best practices for integrating technology into the classroom

Target Goal: $1,000,000

Al Pi Darko Fund

Chanoch LeNaar Al Pi Darko (teach the child according to his ways) has long been a guiding principle of Jewish education. That has been enhanced at Eitz Chaim with a focus on Special Education to meet the needs of students with differing learning profiles. The fund will allow us to deliver outstanding resource and gifted programs to our students. It will facilitate professional development so that our rabbeim and teachers can enhance their delivery of truly differentiated instruction and will support parents through consultation and involvement.

Target Goal: $1,000,000

The Kehilla Fund

The history of Eitz Chaim is intertwined with the history and growth of Toronto’s Jewish community. Eitz Chaim’s doors were open to each new wave of newcomers. The number of individuals who owe their Jewish identity to the school as well as the number of families who have embraced observant Jewish life is staggering. Eitz Chaim’s impact can be seen and felt throughout the breadth of our Jewish community.

Eitz Chaim will continue to be a model of unity through diversity by opening its doors to the broadest swath of the community and providing an educational home to all those seeking Orthodox Jewish education for their children. Implicit in this commitment to community is our pledge to financial assistance for our families and the principle that no child will be denied Jewish education as a result of financial circumstances.

Target Goal: $2,000,000

Building and Furnishing Dedications
Outdoor playgrounds, gyms/auditoriums, libraries, classroom office & facility upgrades.

Target Goal: $3,000,000

Annual Fund Contributions

Mezuzah Dedication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . . . $1,800
The Philip Alter Motzei Shabbos Learning Program . . . . . $360
Rosh Chodesh Assembly (per campus) …………….. . . . $300
Day of Learning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200
Program Supporter . . . . . . . . . ………. . . . . . . $72-$180

Yes, I would like to be a partner with Eitz Chaim in realising the promise of our Jewish Future.
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